Cream Tea: Why Cornish Cream Teas Rule the Afternoon

Cream Tea: Why Cornish Cream Teas Rule the Afternoon

Ah, the cream tea. A symphony of scones, jam, and clotted cream that transcends mere snacking and elevates it to an art form. And while cream teas grace tea tables across the land, there's something undeniably special about the Cornish way.

Dive in with us as we explore the world of cream teas, why they deserve a spotlight, and how the Cornish do it best.

The Cream of the Crop:

Did you know? Over 70% of Brits indulge in a cream tea at least once a year, with 25-34 year olds leading the charge.

That's a lot of scones getting toasted! And with good reason. Studies show that afternoon tea breaks can boost morale, improve social interaction, and even enhance creativity. So, pour yourself a cuppa, because we're about to get statistical:

    • The Scone Squad: Research reveals that 74% of cream tea enthusiasts prioritise plain scones, while 21% crave fruit-infused varieties. But who needs fruit when you have…
    • Clotted Cream Craze: A whopping 98% of Brits prefer their scones bathed in the rich, golden creaminess of clotted cream. (We Cornish wouldn't have it any other way!)
    • Jammin' Out: Strawberry reigns supreme in the jam kingdom, with 58% claiming it as their top choice. Raspberry and blackcurrant follow close behind, but the debate rages on – jam first or cream first?

The Cornish Conundrum:

Now, here's where things get interesting. While the jam vs. cream order may divide the nation, in Cornwall, there's a clear victor: jam first, always. This tradition, passed down through generations, ensures the jam's vibrant sweetness doesn't get masked by the cream's richness. Each bite becomes a harmonious dance of tart and creamy, sweet and savoury.

From Picnic Blanket to Tea Room Bliss:

But Cornish cream teas are more than just the perfect scone-to-cream-to-jam ratio. They're about the setting, the experience. Imagine picnics by the sea, gulls calling overhead and waves crashing a rhythmic background beat. Or picture yourself nestled in a cozy tea room, the air thick with the aroma of baking scones and fragrant tea. It's about slowing down, connecting with loved ones, and truly savouring the moment.

So, Why Choose Cornish?

Because at we don't just serve cream teas, we curate experiences. We offer:

    • Scones baked with local Cornish love, rising warm and fluffy from the oven.
    • Homemade jams and chutneys bursting with the fresh taste of the Cornish countryside.
    • Clotted cream so thick and creamy, it practically spoons itself.
    • A curated selection of fine teas, from classic brews to herbal infusions.
    • Beautiful hampers bursting with cream tea goodness, perfect for picnics or gifts.
    • Partnerships with charming Cornish tea rooms, where hospitality is as warm as the clotted cream.

Ready to Experience the Cornish Difference?

Visit today and discover why Cornish cream teas reign supreme. 

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