Who supplies our Jam?

Who supplies our Jam?

Boddington's Jam: Preserving Tradition, Savouring Flavour

In the picturesque coastal village of Mevagissey, Cornwall, where the salty sea breeze mingles with the scent of blooming flowers, a small family-run business is creating something truly extraordinary. Boddington's Jam, a name synonymous with quality and tradition, has been crafting delicious preserves for generations. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of Boddington's Jam and the delightful flavours that have made it a beloved supplier.

A Jam-Making Legacy

Founded in 1957 by the Boddington family, this artisanal jam maker has remained rooted in its commitment to preserving time-honoured traditions. What began as a labour of love has blossomed into a cherished heritage, carried forward by the Boddington family through the decades. Today, the torch is held by Simon Boddington, ensuring that the legacy of fine jam-making lives on.

Cornwall's Bounty in Every Jar

Cornwall's fertile soil and temperate climate provide an ideal environment for growing a cornucopia of fruits and berries. Boddington's Jam takes full advantage of this natural bounty, sourcing the finest local produce to create their exquisite jams. From plump strawberries to luscious blackberries, each jar overflows with the authentic flavours of Cornwall.

Time-Honoured Techniques, Timeless Taste

What sets Boddington's Jam apart is its unwavering dedication to traditional jam-making techniques. In an era marked by mass production and shortcuts, Boddington's proudly upholds the art of slow-cooking. Their jams are prepared in small batches, simmered gently to preserve the innate flavours of the fruit. This meticulous process results in jams that burst with vibrant taste and retain their natural colours.

A Flavour for Every Occasion

Boddington's Jam offers a diverse range of flavours to suit every palate. Whether you savour the classic sweetness of Strawberry Jam, the tart brightness of Raspberry Jam, or the deep richness of Blackcurrant Jam, there's a Boddington's jam for every craving. Their wide selection ensures that you can find the perfect match for any meal or snack.

A True Taste of Cornwall

When you open a jar of Boddington's Jam, you're not just enjoying a condiment; you're tasting the very essence of Cornwall. These flavours are infused with the coastal charm of the region, evoking memories of seaside picnics and tranquil moments along Cornwall's rugged shores. It's a taste that transports you to the heart of Mevagissey.

Community and Sustainability

Boddington's Jam is more than just a business; it's a member of the community. They actively engage with local initiatives and champion sustainable practices in their production processes. Choosing Boddington's Jam means supporting a brand that cares about its roots and the environment.

The Joy of Sharing

In Mevagissey, where community and tradition matter, Boddington's Jam has become a cherished symbol of togetherness. Their products grace local gatherings, celebrations, and family feasts. But Boddington's reach extends far beyond Cornwall, with jams shipped to homes across the UK, allowing people nationwide to experience the taste of Cornwall.

In Conclusion

Boddington's Jam is a testament to the enduring allure of tradition, quality, and community. With every jar, they offer a taste of Cornwall's natural beauty and the warmth of its people. When you choose Boddington's Jam, you're not merely selecting a condiment; you're embracing a connection to a place and a family that has dedicated itself to creating something truly exceptional. So, the next time you spread their jam on your toast or scone, savour the sweet essence of Mevagissey and the rich heritage behind Boddington's Jam.

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