The Best of Cornish Produce

The Best of Cornish Produce

The Best of Cornish Produce: A Culinary Odyssey

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline, rich history, and fertile landscapes, is a haven for foodies and nature lovers alike. The county's bountiful offerings are a testament to its natural beauty and the passion of its local producers. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the best of Cornish produce, from iconic classics like clotted cream and scones to lesser-known treasures that make Cornwall a food lover's paradise.

1. Clotted Cream and Scones: The Cream Tea Royalty

Let's start with the classics. Clotted cream, that thick, luscious layer of dairy goodness, is a hallmark of Cornish cuisine. Paired with warm, freshly baked scones, it's the heart and soul of a traditional Cream Tea. The age-old debate of whether to spread the cream or jam first only adds to the charm of this delightful treat.

2. Cornish Pasties: A Taste of History

Cornish pasties are another culinary gem with a rich heritage. These hand-held parcels, traditionally filled with beef, potatoes, swede, and onions, were created for tin miners. Their crimped pastry edges provided a convenient handle, allowing miners to enjoy a hearty meal deep underground. Today, these savoury turnovers are a Cornish icon enjoyed by all.

3. Cornish Fudge: Sweet, Creamy Perfection

Cornish fudge is a delight for those with a sweet tooth. This crumbly, creamy confection is made from a divine blend of sugar, butter, and milk. From classic flavours like vanilla to more adventurous options such as sea salt or rum and raisin, Cornish fudge offers a taste of pure indulgence.

4. Cornish Ice Cream: Creamy Heaven in Every Bite

Cornwall's exceptional dairy industry means that its ice cream is some of the creamiest and most flavourful you'll ever taste. From classic vanilla to innovative creations like clotted cream and honeycomb, indulging in Cornish ice cream is like taking a scoop of heaven.

5. Cornish Sea Salt: A Pinch of Perfection

Harvested directly from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Cornish sea salt is pure and packed with flavour. Its natural essence enhances the taste of dishes, making it a favourite among chefs and food enthusiasts. A pinch of Cornish sea salt can transform any meal into a culinary masterpiece.

6. Cornish Cheese: Dairy Delights

Cornwall boasts a variety of exceptional cheeses, each with its own unique character. From crumbly blue cheeses to sharp cheddars, Cornish cheese is a testament to the region's rich dairy traditions. Pair it with local chutneys and artisan bread for a delectable cheese platter.

7. Fresh Seafood: From Ocean to Plate

Cornwall's coastline offers an abundance of seafood treasures. Indulge in the freshest catches, from succulent crab and lobster to melt-in-your-mouth scallops and perfectly grilled mackerel. Enjoy the ocean's bounty in scenic coastal restaurants.

8. Craft Ales and Ciders: A Toast to Cornwall

Wash down your Cornish feast with local craft ales and ciders. Cornwall has a burgeoning craft brewing scene, with breweries producing a wide range of unique and flavourful libations. Sip, savour, and raise a glass to the county's artisanal spirits.

9. Cornish Pasty Filling Variations: Beyond Tradition

While the traditional Cornish pasty filling remains beloved, innovative chefs have introduced exciting variations. Explore fillings like steak and stilton, vegetarian options, and even sweet pasties filled with custard and fruit.

10. Fresh Cornish Produce: Farm to Table

Cornwall's fertile land produces an array of fresh vegetables and fruits, making it a paradise for locavores. Sample locally grown produce at farmer's markets and in farm-to-table restaurants.

11. Cornish Orchards: Ciders and Juices

Cornwall's bountiful orchards yield more than just apples; they produce refreshing ciders and juices. Enjoy a glass of locally crafted cider or freshly pressed apple juice.

12. Artisan Bakeries: Heavenly Bread and Pies

Cornwall's artisan bakeries offer a variety of bread and pies, from traditional loaves to innovative bakes filled with local ingredients.

13. Cornish Yarg: A Unique Cheese

Cornish Yarg, an award-winning cheese, is known for its distinct nettle-wrapped rind. Its creamy interior and earthy flavour make it a cheese lover's delight.

14. Artisan Chocolate Makers: Sweet Sensations

Discover the delights of Cornish artisan chocolate makers who craft decadent chocolates with local ingredients, from sea salt to honey.

15. Local Gins and Spirits: Raise a Glass to Cornwall

Cornwall's gin and spirits scene has been gaining recognition. Sip on locally distilled gin or spirits for a true taste of Cornwall.

16. Artisan Jams and Preserves: A Spread of Flavours

Cornwall's artisan producers craft delicious jams and preserves using the county's fresh fruits. Spread them on scones or enjoy them with cheese and crackers.

17. Cornish Coffee: Wake Up to Excellence

Cornish coffee roasters produce aromatic, locally roasted beans. Savour a cup of Cornish coffee in one of the county's charming cafés.

18. Authentic Cornish Pies: More Than Just Pasties

Cornwall's love for pies goes beyond pasties. Try savoury pies filled with rich, meaty fillings and encased in golden pastry.

19. Cornish Pasty Heritage Centres: A Taste of Tradition

Visit Cornish pasty heritage centres to learn about the rich history and craftsmanship behind these iconic creations. Delve into the past to understand the significance of pasties in Cornish culture and the art of crimping pastry edges to ensure a delicious, leak-free meal.

20. Cornish Seaside Dining: The Freshest Catch

The experience of dining by the sea is a cherished one in Cornwall. Savour seafood dishes at beachfront restaurants while gazing at the waves crashing against the shore. The freshness of the catch and the breathtaking coastal views make for an unforgettable meal.

21. Cornish Meat and Poultry: Quality from the Land

Cornwall's lush pastures and rolling hills provide an ideal environment for rearing high-quality meat and poultry. Enjoy dishes made from locally sourced beef, lamb, and poultry, often cooked to perfection in traditional and modern recipes.

22. Traditional Creameries: The Heart of Dairy

Take a tour of a traditional Cornish creamery to witness the craft of turning milk into clotted cream, cheese, and other dairy delights. Learn about the time-honoured techniques that have been passed down through generations.

23. Cornish Vineyards: Raising a Toast to Local Wine

While not as well-known as their European counterparts, Cornish vineyards are producing delightful wines. Visit these vineyards to sample their vintages and explore the unique terroir of the region.

24. Coastal Foraging: Nature's Bounty

Join local foragers on guided excursions to gather wild edibles along Cornwall's coastline. Learn to identify and collect ingredients that have been part of Cornwall's food heritage for centuries.

25. Local Markets: A Food Lover's Paradise

Cornwall's bustling local markets offer a feast for the senses. Explore stalls laden with fresh produce, artisanal products, and delectable street food. These markets are a treasure trove of culinary discoveries.

In Cornwall, every meal is a celebration of local ingredients, culinary tradition, and a connection to the land and sea.

Whether you're indulging in a classic Cream Tea, savouring freshly caught seafood, or exploring the county's diverse food scene, you're sure to find something to delight your taste buds.

Cornwall's unique blend of tradition and innovation continues to make it a destination for food lovers and adventurers seeking an unforgettable culinary experience.

So, next time you visit this beautiful region, be sure to embark on a culinary odyssey and discover the best of Cornish produce for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you.

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